I'm here again :)

It's been months since I wrote my last and the only entry and I'm here again, willing to continue. I hate this feeling when I have to write in a foreign language because it's very stressful. I always think I'm not doing a good job and that I'm making a lot of mistakes or something like "You don't sound like a native...not at all". But I have to do it no matter what...because I'm kind of tired of making little progress because of the fear of making mistakes. I want to ask you guys, has anyone of you faced the same problem? If so, what did you do to overcome it? Any answers will be appreciated :)

first entry

Hello everyone! My real name is Dima. I'm going to use this blog to improve my English. I'll try my best to write a new entry every day so I can measure my progress. In this blog I'm going to bring up different topics from "how to learn English" to "What's the meaning of life" and so on. Since this is my first entry, it shouldn't be too long, I suppose :). And yes, there is one thing I'd like to ask for. Would you correct my mistakes if I make any? I'd absolutely appreciate that!